Decision support

Do you like wrapping slings? icon-check
Baby sling has too much wrap for you? icon-check
Should it work as quick as possible? icon-check

Do you have 10 seconds more time for setting up?

(Binding of the wrap ends of the emeiTAI below baby´s butt takes 10 seconds longer as with the emeibaby)

Are you tending to tensions of the neck?

(The wrap below baby´s butt of the emeiTAI takes more of baby´s weight then the emeibaby)

Do you want to carry your baby at the highest level on your back, so it can look over your shoulder?

(Due to the wrap ends below baby´s butt of the emeiTAI, you are able to carry your baby even higher on your back)

Do you have a quite little baby?

(Both carriers are suitable from birth but the emeiTAI is especially suitable for little babies because of the soft waistbelt)

ComparisonBaby SizeToddler Size
Are you planning to have more then one kid?

(Then the babysize is more suitable as it can be used for the next baby)

My baby hasn´t reached size 80 yet

(Only the babysize works here)

Your baby has already reached size 80?

(Both baby- and toddlersize are suitable)

icon-check icon-check
Is your baby´s weight between 15 and 18kg?

(Then only toddlersize is suitable)