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Gift Coupon with Magic Wand

Voucher to the value of 149 € incl. VAT
handmade magic wand included
decorative item
not a toy, keep out of the hands of children

If using in a flowerpot or vase, wrap the stem in plastic


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Give something special

A baby carrier is one of the best gifts you can bestow,to a new family.  It's not just an useful item, it's so much more:  You not only give the baby, the gift of closeness and cuddling with Mum and Dad you are also giving the parents help in everyday life with a baby. 

Teething, fever, growth spurt

These difficult periods in which the baby wants to be carried a lot, are much easier to handle with a baby carrier. Mum and Dad can give the baby the closeness it needs, while keeping both hands free and allowing some time for themselves to get the important things done.

A special present

Let the parents choose the baby carrier design for themselves and decide when is best to order it, by gifting them a voucher. But instead of a boring paper voucher, you can give them a beautiful magic wand with the voucher and a little magic spell included. You can present them with just the wand alone or together with flowers or another gift.

Baby Wearing works like magic

If the mother is still expecting, the wand can be used as a decoration to celebrate the anticipation of a new baby.  Maybe the wand will help with insecurities the parents have, on how they will manage day to day life with a new baby. With a baby carrier the long nights, the evening witching hours, teething, infections and fevers are much easier to deal with because babywearing works like magic for many parents.

Wear regularly

The little spellbook reminds them to start babywearing as soon as possible after the birth of their child and to wear regularly. Because only when the baby is used to wearing, does it have the calming effect. In addition, regular wearing has positive effects on basic trust.

Memory of the babywearing years

Once the baby has grown and the babywearing years are  perhaps over. Long after the voucher has been redeemed, the wand can be a wonderful reminder of the security of this time, which will accompany the baby into adult life. Maybe the parents will give the grown child the magic wand at some point, as a symbol that the love from this time is always a strong force in all situations in life. 


As with all our products, we place special emphasis on high quality manufacturing. The wands are designed with love and made by hand. The wands are not toys and must not be in the hands of children!
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