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easy emeibaby carrier Gray Baby Size

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easy emeibaby carrier Chichi red Baby Size

easy emeibaby carrier full Baali Marine Baby Size

true combination of sling and carrier
no gathered fabric on either yours or your baby’s body
cosy sling fabric & form like a wrap
fits your baby exactly

More benefits:
suitable for newborns (min. 3 kg)
outer material 100 % Organic Cotton
fast and easy to use
fits your baby up to 3 years


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The Baby Sling

Never too small or too big. It adapts to your baby’s size, fits exactly and gives perfect support. But for many parents the baby sling is too complicated, as it has to be tied correctly each and every time it is used and furthermore, many parents do not like the appearance. 

Baby Carriers

These are easier to use, but they have to grow with the baby. As your baby grows, more fabric is needed. So where to store the excess fabric? The standard solution is for the extra fabric to be  gathered up with the baby sitting uncomfortably on it. Or that the folds of fabric are gathered at the waist belt, which is also uncomfortable for the parents. 

Combination of Sling and Carrier

With emeibaby there is a sling connected by the shoulder straps and the fabric can be exactly adjusted to your baby´s size. The excessfabric is not gathered up but is instead, pulled away from your baby, and neatly stored under the headrest with no contact to either you or your baby. This makes emeibaby super comfortable. Furthermore we only use soft sling fabrics for our carriers and the back panel has the same form as a tied sling. Your baby sits in the same position as they would in a tied wrap. Knees high. Bum low. Baby´s back well supported.

One time adjustment

In everyday life, things must go quickly. The easy emeibaby only needs to be adjusted when used for the first time. After that, you will only need to close two buckles and the baby carrier will be put correctly on. When parents take turns to wear their baby, only the shoulder straps need to be quickly adjusted in a similar way as you would adjust a backpack.

Baby wearing is Magic 

There are moments when your baby wants to be carried a lot, in particular while teething, when not feeling well or during a growth spurt. When you wear your baby from the very beginning,they are used to it and you will come through these tough times more easily. Maybe you will feel like many other baby wearing families, that baby wearing works like magic: It often helps  immediately and makes everyday life much easier.

Magic wand

Wear your baby constantly

Closeness, safety and cuddling have important effects on the basic trust of your baby. If you wear your baby every day for one hour, over the course of year (bedtimes not included) this equates to one month of wearing. When your partner also wears for an hour a day, this totals as two months intensive closeness for your baby. 

Comfortable and safe

So even if you wear for only an hour a day, it is over the course of a year, a long time. It is therefore important, that your baby is worn in a proper position and that the baby carrier is also comfortable for your back. With emeibaby you have both, as it is a combination of a backpack and a baby sling. 

Baby wearing consultancy

Safety and comfort are the most important thing when carrying your baby. Both for you and your baby. Use our free emeibaby Baby Wearing Consultancy and we will tell you in a few minutes, if your baby is well positioned in the emeibaby carrier.

Possible carrying positions: Front carry & back carry. We do not recommend front facing because of these reasons.

Mum and baby in Baby carrier

Fits you with Size: XS to XXL 

Waist belt circumference: maximum 140 cm, extension available here.

Fits your baby:

- Baby Size:  from birth (minimum 3 kg, Size 50 cm up to maximum 15 kg, fits for the entire baby time. Connection between back panel and waist belt:  min. 11 cm up to max. 65 cm

- Toddler Size: Toddler Size: from Size 68 cm up to maximum 18 kg, for families, who also want to wear their child also during Kindergarten-age years. Connection between back panel and waist belt: minimal (minimum) 20 cm up to 75 cm

Decision support Toddler or Baby Size

Are you planning to have more children: A sweet reason for the Baby Size
Your baby has not reached size 68 cm: Only the baby size is possible
Your baby has already reached size 68 cm: Baby Size and Toddler Size are possible
Your Baby weighs between 15kg and 18 kg: Only the Toddler Size is possible

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Handwash with mild detergent. No spin drying. Air dry. Do not use fabric softener. Do not wash frequently. Spot clean as needed.

Important! Please note for sunny times: your babys health is very important for us, therefore we use only very gentle cloured fabrics, mostly from weavings from Austria and Germany (except Girasol fabrics, as Chichi and Antigua). The dark fabric of our carriers with black stripes, headrests and straps can be bleached out by sun. To avoid this, please follow the instructions below:

  • Do not leave the carrier on the seats of your car in summer.
  • Hang up in a shady place after washing.
  • If the carrier is not in use, stow it in a bag.

To avoid any colouring/bleaching through the sun, we recommend to buy one of our bright/full designs.