1. Another Mini-Baby

    This is how mini babies are sleeping in the emeibaby carrier.

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  2. Newborns and emeibaby

    We are often asked: When can I start using emeibaby? Our answer is: Right after the birth but your baby should have a minium weight of 3 kg (6.6 lbs). A few years ago, only wraps and ring slings were recommended for small babies. In the meantime this has become outdated, because:

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  3. Two happy siblings

    The big ones want to carry their little brother or sister sometimes, too. We think, one can absolutely fulfil that wish, but should be sure to pay attention to these things:

    • the baby carrying should be an exception, because the child's back is not supposed to bear heavy loads for too long
    • the sibling may not walk or run around with the baby inside the carrier...
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  4. Dear Mums

    In honour of the occasion, you will get a 10% discount on our Baby size, Toddler size and emeiTAI carriers (excluding custom-made carriers) with the voucher code MUTTERTAG2018. The voucher code is valid only on 13.05.2018 and redeemable only once...

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  5. emeibaby in Australia

    Baby carrying is convenient. Especially on holiday. Rebecca, thanks a lot for this picture of your holiday in Australia.

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