I recently discovered a little shop in France, far from the shopping malls, where the masses are squeezed together. There were some specialy selected, unique items in this little shop. It was always important to me that emeibaby should also be so special, because of the many advantages. For example, that we specifically choose where we produce our baby carriers. Quality, fairness throughout the production chain and Made in Europe are just a few of the points that have always been important to us. Also that we choose where our baby carriers are sold. We have steadfastly rejected offers from large chains and companies for years. Despite some very tempting promises of producing high volumes. For almost 10 years our baby carriers have been available only to baby wearing experts, such as midwives, babywearing consultants and selected, small specialist retailers. They understand our product really well and share our love of the babywearing message. Besides, we just don’t  offer things that we don’t agree with, for example, front facing carriers. Also we can provide a special service, such as our WhatsApp carrying consultancy.