In movies and in commercials you can see it again and again, and not a few celebrities carry their children in a front facing carrying position. This looks funny and the kids seem to have fun. Basically, wearing your child forward corresponds to what your baby wants, namely, to see more. But are there arguments against it? Or in other words, what should you pay attention to when carrying your baby looking ahead? These things are important:

  1. Your baby should be sitting in a comfortable posture, not on the pubic bone, but rather with slightly tightened legs. A lot has happened in the last few years. There are now baby carriers that can be worn with the baby looking ahead without sitting on the pubic bone. That's great.
  2. Your baby should be able to sleep at any time. When carrying forward this is not possible as their head would tilt toward their chest. So your baby would not fall asleep, even if they are tired and everything is too much for them. Sleeping is so important in the first few months and in a baby carrier your baby should not have the opportunity to sleep when they need it? That does not make sense. The counterargument is: you should wear only briefly with a view towards the front and you would notice when the baby is tired. Yeah, you will realize that when you look at your child in their eyes or when you see how your child will rub their eyes or face with their little hands. But when you look forward, you do not see your baby's eyes or face. 
  3. For your own back, wearing a baby who is looking forward is not ideal as their center of gravity is not close to your own body. The baby's legs are not close to your body, but away from your body, which pulls your upper body forward.

Carrying forward is of course a great marketing argument. The more seating positions advertised, the better. But if you also critically question marketing messages like "Without sugar" (oh really and what about the sweetener ??) or "Bargain! T-shirt for only 1 Euro" (yes, and the working conditions were certainly more than fair ??) then you may also listen to the arguments that speak against wearing a baby looking ahead. 

And even we "small" manufacturers could always offer such a carrier to you, but that does not fit our history of origination and our principles. We developed our baby carriers for our own children, with only one thing in mind: the best for our children and our bodies. Without any marketing tricks. And wearing your baby in front of the stomach and on the back is quite enough.

Can we say that we will never offer a carrier to wear a baby looking forward in the future? Unfortunately, no. If the parents of tomorrow only buy baby carriers to wear their babies looking ahead, then we will have no other choice. To prevent this, we have written this critical blog post. If you agree with ergonomic and thoughtful wearing, then leave a short comment. Your opinion will help other parents to decide which baby carrier is right for them. Our opinion is "only" the opinion of a manufacturer and could not be considered as objective. Or do you still want to carry your baby looking ahead? Of course that's ok too. 
emeibaby is not the right carrier for you then, but just use the internet to search for one that fits your needs and you will find a wealth of - usually very large - manufacturers.

And here are the most important reasons for carrying your baby on your back: 

  1. The baby's body and yours touch each other with the largest possible area. This is cuddly, promotes bonding and is good for your back. 
  2. Your baby looks at the world together with you. They will always see you first and then the world. They will sense you, smell you and be very close to you, body to body. And discover the world together with you. 
  3. When your baby is tired, they just put their head on your back and sleep. Instinctively, many children place their heads just so that one ear rests on Mom and one or both eyes are hidden. So light and noise are reduced by half. 
  4. They can do everything by themself: sleeping and isolating themself from stimuli. This is an important learning process for your baby that we should always allow. And that is only possible if you wear ergonomically.