My oldest child has been sulking at home since Saturday. She was not allowed to go on the school camping holiday to Lake Garda because her Dad and I think she is still too young. Maybe next year. The topic should be closed. But no: Via Snap Chat, WhatsApp, Etc, she is recieving all the information from the travel group in real time: meeting point at the bus, departure time (to freedom), tent construction, amusement park. Every message is a fresh stab in the heart.

What do I then go and do: When asked, what is there to eat today: Pasta. And tomorrow. Lasagne. She replies: that’s quite a lot of pasta. And then I, without thinking, crack a little joke: Yes I know, we are having an Italian week. The next meltdown is unavoidable. It was not clear to me that it was so, so important to her, or that social media would sometimes have such a firm grip on our family life. Had I known that there would be so much drama, I might have decided otherwise... Perhaps… but she is really too young...  

As a parent, you weigh up your decisions constantly. It's about safety, the wishes of your child and also your own feelings, worries and fears. Finding the balance is not easy. The worries start from when they first crawl and stay for the duration. With a teenager, comes an extra exciting twist.

I will be glad, when in four days the photos of the return journey finaly appear  :)