Before I had children, I saw this book in a doctor's waiting room and I could not understand what was meant to be funny. A few years later I got it. My first daughter loved the book warmly, and my second and third child later too. Today, the mole reminds me of how my children have changed me.
I could not imagine so much bevore my children were born. How beautiful it feels to feel my baby in my belly, the indescribable feeling of holding the baby for the first time, how little sleep I can manage for months, how vulnerable I feel when one of my children is sick, as I've already felt a few days before that, just by looking in their eyes or just smelling that one of my kids is getting sick, that I instinctively look to the right moment, if someone wants to do something dangerous, that I wake up just before the baby wakes up . How much more do I understand about life, about a force, an instinct, about myself, about my partner and our partnership. And how wonderful it is, what we did together. We are not the same anymore. We are now mom and dad. It's often messy but beautiful.