Another mum I know deals with handing out sweeties like this: The sweets are hidden and a gummybear is used as a reward or an occasional treat. We do it completely differently. We have our sweetie cupboard, everyone knows where it is  and almost everyone (the little one has already developed strategies, waste paper box as a step Etc.) can reach. Although this is not allowed, one or the other family member uses unobserved moments to help themselves. 

This does not suit me at all, but I have not succeeded with strict surveillance. With my first child this approach had worked quite well, but with each additional child it gets more and more out of control with increasing chaos. I then told the other mum that I already have a guilty conscience, that maybe I apporached it all wrong. Whereupon the other mum said that she also doubts if her method is really that good. She thinks that maybe having a less strict hand would have been better, as the scarcity of the sweets, perhaps makes them even more alluring? Who knows how this could affect the child's subconscious mind and whether it influences thier eating behavior later? 

I found that very interesting. Two different mums, two different solutions, and both not sure if they chose the correct way. Maybe the perfect solution often does not exist, because there are always pros and cons? Perhaps most importantly, as a mom you occasionally question and think about whether what you do is for the best or how you can do it better? Just Maybe, what we do can never be that wrong?