We are often asked: When can I start using emeibaby? Our answer is: Right after the birth but your baby should have a minium weight of 3 kg (6.6 lbs). A few years ago, only wraps and ring slings were recommended for small babies. In the meantime this has become outdated, because:

  1. most of the baby carriers are growing with the baby
  2. emeibaby works in a very similar way than a baby wrap
  3. a baby wrap is only as good as how it is tied

In particular at the beginning, some parents struggle with the baby wrap and some babies are not sitting correctly in the baby sling during the first weeks of their life. Of course, it is also important to use emeibaby properly. But this is much easier than tying a wrap. And the adjustment has to be done only once. And we are there to help you with our free Babywearing Consultancy via WhatsApp.