For DIY Teethings pads you need:

Sewing machine
Measuring tape & Set square
Tailor ́s chalk
Velcro 10,5 cm
harmless fabric (organic cotton recommended)
very important: Fabric should be dyed harmless or not dyed at all Tip: You can use organic cotton baby clothing that no longer fits

Here the steps (download as pdf):

1. Measure and mark (2 times)

2. Cut out 2 pieces

3. Pin the 2 pieces together and leave 6 cm open

4. Sew around and keep the 6 cm open

5. Cut off the corners

6. Turn around

7. Iron

8. Fix one part of the velcro

9. Sew on the velcro

10. Fix and sew the other part of the velcro on the back and opposite side

11. Velcro is now on both sides

12. Done!