In this video you can see three variations on how to get your baby on the back. You always have to pay attention to this:

- the instructions for use on

- Your baby needs to have good head and trunk control

- you need to start at the earliest with 5 months with the carrying back

- the emeibaby carrier must first be adjusted to you and your baby in front of the stomach

- always hold your baby firmly with at least one hand

- ask for help with the first attempts or if you are unsure by a third person

- the back part must always reach down to the shoulder blades of your baby. Always check that before you get up or get up

- if you try variant 1 for beginners, always make sure that you place your baby in the carrier so that the backpanel reaches at least to its shoulder blades

The bigger your child is, the easier it will be to put on your back. The mom in the video is very practiced and the child is already quite tall. If your baby is smaller, you have to pay more attention to secure your baby well. Your baby could fall back at any time. That's why there always has to be at least one hand on the baby and you need to hold your baby securely. The mom in the video holds the child at the butt, because it is able to sit itself. If your baby can not do that yet, hold it firmly on top of its back. If you are unsure or need tips, then use our free WhatsApp carrying help.