Breastfeeding while carrying your baby is a practical thing, for instance when you are out and about and you find no place to nurse. After a few tries you will see that it is very easy.


  1. your baby carrier needs to be adjustable 
  2. you need a little practice 
  3. do not wear a high-necked dress


  1. you do not need to search a place to nurse
  2. discreet
  3. you do not need to take off and later put on the carrier
  4. you breastfeed in a new position which is a good thing for emptying your breast (in particular when you tend to suffer from mastitis or breast pain)
  5. upright position and moving while drinking reduce flatulence

Breastfeeding in the baby carrier is a great thing:

  1. if your baby takes a long time when being nursed, because you can do something else while your baby is being fed
  2. on holiday or on the way to your vacation (airport, rail station)
  3. out and about but also at home, when you have to do some housework
  4. when you play with your other children

Ideal clothing:

You need to put your shirt up or down. When you put the shirt up, your back is naked and you might feel cold, depending on the weather. So here are our tips: 

  1. use a special shirt for breastfeeding
  2. or at least do not wear a high-necked shirt
  3. and no high-necked dress (breastfeeding in public would be a mission impossible :) 
  4. a cardigan or similar worn over the baby carrier will keep your back warm 

Large breasts - small breasts

A lot of moms think that breastfeeding in the babycarrier would not work because their breasts are too large or too small. But we can tell for sure: Breastfeeding works with nearly every size of breast. The one important thing is to place your baby in the right position. 

Step-by-step instructions for breastfeeding with the emeibaby carrier:

  1. Always hold your baby with your hand
  2. Loosen the straps a bit beside the baby's head  
  3. then the straps under your arms
  4. as well as the strap of the waistbelt and move your baby slightly down
  5. position your baby so that they can reach your breast. If it does not work, move your baby a bit more up or down
  6. push the baby's bottom slightly up after feeding 
  7. move the waistbelt up to the position where you started and tighten the straps of the waistbelt 
  8. and the straps under your arms and beside the baby´s head
  9. done

And here are 2 videos: