Basic trust is a psychological concept which means the feeling of safety and security, which your baby gains during the first months of life. Your baby learns that they can trust other people and that they are safe. This basic trust will accompany your baby for the rest of their life
Basic trust develops when your baby continually experiences that their needs are important. They get fed, when they are hungry. They get comforted when they cry. And they are hold, when they need closeness and security. In everyday life this is sometimes exhausting for parents. Many babies have a greater need for closeness often together with teething or a cold. Parents have sometimes the feeling that the baby wants to get hold all the time. As soon as they put the baby down, the baby starts to cry. A normal life seems very often impossible. 
A baby carrier can be a life saver in such situations (and this is not an exaggeration :). The needs of the family are brought in to balance again, while the baby gets all the closeness they need and the basic trust becomes strong. Mum and dad can do other things while wearing the baby (housework, go for a walk, playing with the siblings).
Important is, that your baby gets used to the baby carrier soon after birth and that you wear your baby on a regular basis. If you start babywearing after a few weeks or months it might be too late, because the baby might not accept it anymore. If you wear your baby one hour a day, it will be (bed times not included) one month over the year! 
PS: So it is true: LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED. The love a person experiences in their childhood and in particular during the first months and weeks will accompany them for all of their life. It shapes the personality, it effects how they will handle difficult situations. How connected they can feel with other people. Therfore give your baby as much closeness as possible. When you do this with a baby carrier you have also some time for you. Time which you need. To gather energy. So that you can enjoy every moment with your little baby.