Prepare for Babywearing

  1. Knees up & butt low

    Babies should be carried comfortably and in a good posture. In this video you can see how babies sit in the emeibaby carrier. Mum folds down the back and you can see that babies knees are up and the bum low. As it should be. And much like in a bound baby sling. 

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  2. Dandeling

    During our video shoot, the baby cried for a moment. Its mom then dandeled it a bit and after a few seconds everything was fine again. The dandeling reminds babies to their times in mom´s belly. When you try to wear your baby for the first time in the emeibaby, you'll dandle it and when the carrier is adjusted, walk around a bit. It would be best to go for a walk right away. But not far from home, so you can turn back quickly if your baby is tired. Most babies fall asleep after a few steps. 

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