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  1. Winter is here

    View from the office. Winter arrived in the Ziller valley!

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  2. Self made soup cubes

    In many recipes, soup cubes are recommended as seasoning. The ingredients of the cubes have never convinced me and I've spent a long time experimenting around how to make soup cubes for seasoning myself. The oven dried version takes too long and a big disadvantage is that smell of soup cubes stays for days throughout the house :) This cooked version is now my favorite:
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  3. Babywearing and the subconscious mind

    For years we had this book sitting on the bookshelf and this summer I finally got round to reading Andre Agassi’s biography. As a Mother, I was very affected by Agassi’s upbringing. His father drilled tennis into him. For many hours each day he was made to battle aginst the ‘dragon’ (an automatic tennis ball throwing machine, which his father had built for the little Agassi). His father had calculated how many balls his son would have to hit to become the best in the world and...
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  4. Living in the country

    Living in the country with children is just wonderful. Step out of the house and walk just few meters further and we can visit the cows. My son always tells the huge cows the same story about hot cocoa. He notices the calves, suckling at their mothers teats: "Mommy, boobie milk  , mhhhhh" :)

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  5. Special and unique

    I recently discovered a little shop in France, far from the shopping malls, where the masses are squeezed together. There were some specialy selected, unique items in this little shop. It was always important to me that...

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