Benefits of emeibaby

  1. easy emeibaby vs classic emeibaby

    The big advantage of the new easy emeibaby is that the fabric automatically extends to the correct position at back of the knees: Simply close the clasps at the back and the fabric is perfectly positioned. The previous model (classic emeibaby) required additional steps:

    - The fabric flap on the hip belt had to be positioned between the hip belt and the stomach 

    - The fabric had to be pulled to the correct position at the knees 

    - The height of the waist belt was important for a good squatting position.

    With the new easy emeibaby, everything is now done automatically. Putting on and fastening the babycarrier is much simpler, faster and easier to understand.

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  2. Knees up & butt low

    Babies should be carried comfortably and in a good posture. In this video you can see how babies sit in the emeibaby carrier. Mum folds down the back and you can see that babies knees are up and the bum low. As it should be. And much like in a bound baby sling. 

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  3. Fabric & form like a wrap

    emeibaby carriers are made from special wrap fabrics. But that´s not all: emeibaby´s back panel is formed like a tied wrap and holds your baby in the same position like in a warp. emeibaby is therefore the only real combination of backpack and carrier.

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