1. Basic trust or: Love is all you need

    Basic trust is a phsycological concept which means the feeling of safety and security, which your baby gains during the first months of life. Your baby learns that it can trust other people and that it is safe. This basic trust will accompany your baby for the rest of its life.
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  2. Our Favorite Photo

    Our favorite photo. It entered one of our photo contests. And it was taken after a wedding in Las Vegas. 

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  3. Baby Carrier used as a blanket

    If you are not at home and need to nurse or feed your baby, you can use your emeibaby as a blanket (as shown here on the picture with a beautiful emeibaby - Special Edition Siri rosa). 

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  4. Carrying was originally a necessity

    Originally, babies were carried because it was a necessity. Mum and dad needed to work with both hands and it would have been dangerous to leave the baby on the ground. In many countries of the world this has been the same until today. Like on this picture, which was taken by our emeibaby grandma. 

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  5. A gang

    Leif-Oliver Utes' photo shows it so nicely: With emei one (man) is in control of the whole gang. Many thanks for the photo.


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