1. Living in the country

    Living in the country with children is just wonderful. Step out of the house and walk just few meters further and we can visit the cows. My son always tells the huge cows the same story about hot cocoa. He notices the calves, suckling at their mothers teats: "Mommy, boobie milk  , mhhhhh" :)

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  2. Baby Size vs Toddler Size

    Connection between waist belt and back panel:

    Baby Size: min: 11 cm bis max. ca. 65 cm
    Toddler Size: min 20 cm bis max. ca. 75 cm

    Hight of back panel:

    Baby Size: max. ca. 44 cm
    Toddler Size: max. ca. 54 cm

    With the hight of the waist belt you can shorten the back panel: Wear the waistbelt very high near your chest and the back panel will be shorter. 

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  3. Baby Quiz

    Dear pregnant mothers, we have an idea for you. A baby quiz. This is how you do it...
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  4. Special and unique

    I recently discovered a little shop in France, far from the shopping malls, where the masses are squeezed together. There were some specialy selected, unique items in this little shop. It was always important to me that...

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  5. easy emeibaby vs classic emeibaby

    The big advantage of the new easy emeibaby is that the fabric automatically extends to the correct position at back of the knees: Simply close the clasps at the back and the fabric is perfectly positioned. The previous model (classic emeibaby) required additional steps:

    - The fabric flap on the hip belt had to be positioned between the hip belt and the stomach 

    - The fabric had to be pulled to the correct position at the knees 

    - The height of the waist belt was important for a good squatting position.

    With the new easy emeibaby, everything is now done automatically. Putting on and fastening the babycarrier is much simpler, faster and easier to understand.

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