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We recommend the babysize from birth and a weight of about 3.000g and up to a weight of about 15kg. The Toddler Size fits mostly from size 74, sometimes from size 68.

There is no difference, the term toddler size plus just could not really get through :-)

The "Full" carriers are completely made of wrap fabrics, the carriers without the designation "Full" have black shoulder- and waist belts.

Yes, each carrier has a headrest.

You can find them in our blog: Vergleich Toddlersize und Babysize

Some models are more expensive because of e.g. more complex weavings (colour gradients) or waist of fabric is high (e.g. individual figures / forms).

A set of teething pads contains 1 pair (2 pieces) teething pads.
Our Frottee teething pads are available in 2-pieces-packs, so 4 pieces per set.

The production of our Special Editions is quite complexly and it might come to changes or delays in deliveries so we are not able to gurantee a special delivery date. Therefore we decided not to give any advance informations about planned releases. But we constantly are informing about new releases and Special Editions through Facebook or through newsletter

With each carrier we deliver a label for the product registration in the USA. The label is only intended for customers in the USA due to legal requirements. There are no US and / or EU versions of the emeibaby, only one version. Customers who are not from the USA can discard the label.

This is due to technical reasons during the production, because the fabrics for each individual emeibaby need to be cut in form. So it may happen that a different piece of fabric was used for your emeibaby than for the emeibaby on our photos. For this reason, you might even have an unique emeibaby which nobody else has :-)