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easy emeibaby

Informations for babywearing consultants, midwives and retailer

The hip belt of the new easy emeibaby is sewn to the back panel and is cut straight. The rest stayed the same.

The advantages of the emeibaby easy are:
  • waist belt and and back panel create a bag
  • the height of the waist belt has no effect on the bag
  • used for small kids, the cloth is automatically at the knees
  • used for bigger kids, the cloth may be pulled to the knees a few inches
  • oo confusion about the cloth which has to be placed between the hip belt and yourself
  • fits very small babies without tying
In order to get the easy emeibaby well bruised, only one thing is necessary: babys butt must be at the height of the hip belt´s lower edge:

Within the last weeks, we tested the easy intensively with both bigger and smaller children. The explanation is now quite easy and in our tests, parents adjusted the carrier with a few hints only intuitively.

Is the easy emeibaby suitable for everyone?
There are so many preferences and needs that a single carrier, of course, can never fulfill. Anyone who does not want to deal with babys correct attitude and who does not want to take a look into the instructions, for them emeibaby is just not suitable, whether easy or not. emeibaby is and will remain a special carrier between others. That is important to us and we are proud of that.

Here you can see the direct comparison with a 3-week-old baby:

The hipbelt is now cut straight, because the curved waistbelt has stood out used by corpulent mums and for dads with raccoons belly. A curved hip belt is ergonomic when worn on the iliac crest. But this is done with the emeibaby carrier, if at all, only very late, when the kid is already bigger. On this picture you can see it well. The hip belt is worn high up and stands several inches out. As a result, the weight is transferred only to the upper edge of the waist belt.

Here to compare the hip belt of the easy emeibaby. The hip belt lies with its entire surface on the belly and distributes the weight evenly:

The easy emeibaby can not be compared to the apron style because:

  • With the apron support, the fabric that goes off the waist belt DOWN keeps baby's knee
  • Using the easy emeibaby, the fabric that goes away from the hipbelt upper edge is supporting baby's Knee
  • The fabric, which lies between waist belt top and bottom edge, is sewn to the waist belt and creates the bag

Fans of the old emeibaby may be disappinted now. It is always hard to lose something you like and the easy emeibaby will certainly be unusual for you in the beginning. For short time the old emebaby will still be available.

Midwives and wearers registered on can now order a demo model with the usual discount off by using this code (please enter into the field which appears in the shopping card without blanks before or after the code): easy-emeibaby

Best wishes,
Your team emeibaby