Even when the children grow bigger, baby carrying comes in handy. Tell us up to what age and at what opportunities you carried your children. We are looking forward to your answers and start with our own ones. Currently, in our team are carrying:


Daniela N.: Her youngest one just turned 2 years old and the change from baby size (model Antigua) to toddler size (model Full Ikat blue-grey) will be performed in a few days time, when they'll be heading to the airport :) "I carried all my children. Unfortunately, I stumbled upon the emeibaby only with the 4th child. My dwarf's philosophy of life is "do it yourself", so he prefers to walk. However, on vacation (i. e. at every evening's walks on the seafront; at trips to the beaches that you cannot reach by car; and also at the airport I wouldn't want to miss the emei."


Daniela E.: I only carry sporadically, since my "most little one" is almost 5 already. But when hiking, I always bring a Toddler (currently a SIRI :)) and also on vacation, when it's late again, for the transport back to bed. At the airport we find carrying also unbeatably handy, by the way (one is quick and agile and the child cannot dash away as quickly).