This time, we have a little challenge for you
and we are happy to announce the  emeibaby SELFIE – CHALLENGE. 

Until the end of the month, we will announce 6 different topics in total, for which we would like to see your best  emeibaby selfie. 

Prerequisites for attending:
1. Like the according FB post
2. Post the photo directly under the announced topic
3. Participate in at least 4 of 6 challenges.

Here are the dates for the 6 topics ahead that are still strictly secret:
CHALLENGE 1 - 07.11.
CHALLENGE 2 - 11.11.
CHALLENGE 3 - 14.11.
CHALLENGE 4 - 18.11.
CHALLENGE 5 - 21.11.
CHALLENGE 6 - 25.11.

The final deadline for submitting selfies for EACH CHALLENGE will be Tuesday, the 28.11.2017

Afterwards, the emeibaby team will elect the winner, who will receive an in-stock carrier.