We have read at our postings over and over again that some families with several children cannot afford our carriers.

Therefore, these may anticipate the following discounts for orders until Sunday, the 25.02.2018:

Parents with:
- 2 children will get 10 % off
- 3 children will get 20 % off
- 4 children will get 30 % off
- more than 4 children will get 40 % off
of their purchase of an emeibaby or an emeiTAI, Baby or Toddler Size

- Verification required
- Only children, who have not finished their school, will be counted.

Send us an email with the subject "Family Discount Promotion" until the 25.02.2018 at 11.59 am CET at support@emeibaby.at, and forthwith attach the according verification (e.g. birth certificate).

After checking the verification, we will send you your custom voucher code via email.
This will only be valid until Sunday, the 25.02.2018 at 11.59 pm.

To all of the families with only one child: Don't be sad, there will be a promotion for you as well soon