Her feedback reads: First I will say I was happy to get to test your Carriers.

For both the Carriers the ergonomy is just great. When I had seen the videos on your site, it was easy to adjust the carriers when carrying My baby on the front. The emeibaby is by far My favorite, as it was simpler to adjust, and carried My baby just as well as the emeitai, Even though it does not have the wrap straps. 
I tried back Carry with the emeitai, and I did not find this part easy, as the adjusting straps are designed to be tightened a way that does not go well with My arms when I have My baby on the back. 
With the help of My husband I managed to get her on there, and then it was just great. Only the adjusting was Hard.

I really love that the carriers are so much alike Weaving a woven wrap, and that it is easy to get the Child in the correct spread squat position.

Best regards 
Terese K.