The back piece is taller on the right hand side, because the hip belt had been pushed further down. Bravo to everyone, who have noticed this correctly


Around size 74, in particular, some parents sometimes feel that the back piece is getting too short. Therefore, this is our tip:

* Hip belt further down, and

* pull up on the back piece

So one gets the maximum out of it, and the back piece ends at the nape again. At some time between size 80, it will go no longer up to the nape, which is absolutely fine at that age, since many children want more freedom and take their arm out, anyway. For children with their arms in, it’s a good time for the Toddler size now.

By the way: This works similarly with other baby wearing aids, albeit not to the same degree as with the emeibaby carrier, since for the emeibaby the excess cloth also belongs to the back piece, and with this hip-belt-down-method, one gets a few centimetres out of this piece of cloth.