Today, the sale of the new special model Kolibri starts at www.emeibaby.com The design has been created by Anke Zeinon, which happened like this:
"My older daughter always used to know exactly what she wanted, and lying in the pram was definitely not included. So we carried her, and soon we discovered, that we like it as well. I tried a lot of carrying varieties then, and I chose the emei as my personal favourite carrying aid. When a lot of carrying groups established on Facebook, I contacted the emeibaby company, and we proclaimed a design competition for a group emei (which had been won by the Treemei design). The idea of the paper Kolibris arose at a brainstorming for this competition, and since I love the tropical birds, I worked out the design further. Now I'm looking forward to carrying around my own recently born little daughter in my self designed Kolibri emei "

If you have a design idea, too, we are looking forward to your suggestion: office@emeibaby.at. Whether or not we turn an idea over, depends on very many factors. If it really happens, we'll thank the designer with a free emeibaby carrier in the suggested design.