Tiziana has sent us this sad and very personal babywearing story about the cloth depicted on the photo. A cloth that gave joy and security and recalls sad moments at the same time:

"When my husband's father was verry sick i jad this wrap on a visit to make it softer. It was really bright and with stars. I was little bit Afraid to use it he was dying and nd it was a hard time. But my father in love absolutely love it because there was finally something happy and colorful in his room. So my husband and i carroes with this wrap till he died. Its was a hard and difficult time and also made breastfeeding harder he came alot extra during the night i think because of the stress we had in our body's aand the amount we cried. But our little baby camebto rest in this wrap and he knows we all love him."

For those, who do not know yet, the author of the baby carrying story with most of the likes will receive an emeibaby bag from us. Among all likers, we will raffle out a pair of teething pads.