Natalie wrote us:
I would like to try my luck, too.
Although I have been writing a lot already, I always did it only for myself….

One Return Trip to the Baker's

Our baby carrying story only starts, when my little son was 4 months old, but why?
My baby is an extremely premature infant and at the time, when most parents have been in their roles for a quarter already and found themselves already in their daily routine again, we were allowed to take our hero home.
So there I was with that little bundle of a person, finally at home, he looked so huge with his 2 kilograms and he had to make up so much.
Our baby carrying time began, I was unable to wrap so much cloth around so little baby, but hey, I had changed, held, and cuddled a 500-gram-baby and that baby has fought so hard and showed everyone, how things really should be done, so hey we can accomplish anything!
After I managed to carry my little darling in front of my belly all in a sweat of excitement and strain, it felt so right and so great. "Actually, you'd still belong there, my darling", and so I walked around proudly and almost a little pregnant and even dared to stroll a lap.
I was so happy and even a little reconciled with that stupid start and all of the hurdles that we had to take all through the pregnancy.
On return trip to the baker's. 10 minutes that made me the proudest Mum and my little one the most relaxed and happiest baby.

Now, the darling is 13 months and soon it will be the anniversary of those 10 minutes to the baker's and back, meanwhile, we are a well-rehearsed team, two emeis, carrier cloth, Ringsling and a custom made carrier we call our own.
Enclosed, one of our many pictures, thanks for the chance to win something, one does not only need to like for :)
Love, Natalie and L. (500 grams--->6,5 kilos)"

For those, who do not know yet, the author of the baby carrying story with most of the likes will receive an emeibaby bag from us. Among all likers, we will raffle out a pair of teething pads.