"Dear emeibaby team! I'm still completely over the moon  the carrier arrive already on Friday, wicked… and it is soooooo beautiful  here is a quick selfie with my little Valentine and the emei… I hope that is ok for you for the time being? once it will be nicer outside again and also the carrier will fit perfectly then (currently, she's wearing only a size 74 and is probably better off in the baby size) I will try and take a beautiful photo for you, as promised!!! anyway, once again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU T H A N K Y O U !!! I am really thrilllllllllllled  my little one loves to be just near me in the emeibaby and I am so glad to have it, too  I couldn't imagine a life with two children without emei at all, to be honest… be it horse riding, doing gymnastics, at the playground… no matter what, the little one is always (happily) with me, and so the older one doesn't have to forego anything WE  EMEI!!!  thank you thank you thank you again!!! I fancy the the new design so much and cannot get over that I've won it  *stilljumpingforjoy* thank you to everyone, who's happy for me, too!!! "