But what and who had, actually, been the reason for the baby wearing cloth to find its way into Europe and what has been the background? 

Answer: In the course of the hippie and student movement the needs of the people had been remembered again. Children and their need for closeness and security also benefitted from that. They had been worn on the body more again. The awareness changed, and the cool, reserved years had been replaced by a loving, need-oriented handling of the children. In 1972, Erika Hoffmann released the first carrier cloth made in Germany. It had been produced in a weaving mill in Sindelfingen. The company was called Didymos, which means "Twins". Exactly those twins, namely Lisa and Tina, the youngest children of Erika Hoffmann, had been the crucial factor for the carrier cloth finding its way into Germany. A carrier cloth from Mexico, which acquaintances had sent her, made her everyday life with the 4 little children easier. Due to that experience, she did anything, in order to make the carrier cloth establish itself in Germany. And not only there! Erika Hoffman is being said the pioneer of baby wearing and has achieved great things!

Use of the pictures by courtesy of Didymos