Katharina wrote us:
"My most beautiful baby carrying story is only one week old, when I carried my one-year-old daughter on my back, and my second little belly tenant has kept me awake all night...
It had been raining and the path went steeply uphill, since we live at a mountain, and I was already very tired...
Suddenly, the little one started caressing my shoulder saying „Aye-aye Mummy“ ...she caressed over and over again, kissed me on the back, and started singing... until we arrived at home after 20 minutes!!
It touched me so much, and at home I couldn’t help but cry to begin with!!!“

For those, who haven’t heard about our baby carrying story campaign yet: in December, we will publish three baby carrying stories in total. The one with most of the likes will win an emeibaby bag. 
Among all likers we will raffle out a pair of teething pads.