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Über uns

About us - Thank you for


I am Daniela, Founder&CEO of emeibaby and beloving Mum of two daughters and a son.
I am often asked, what "emei" means - actually, it is not a real existing word in any language. It is a really funny sound my daughter Johanna made as a baby when she was hungry. As she was my inspiration for the baby carrier I called it emeibaby.


emeibaby started as an idea of a Mum (me :- ) and grew from a problem: After the birth of Johanna in 2008 I tried to use a baby wrap but could not handle the several meter long wrap. So I tried a baby carrier, which was fantastic for me as it was so easy.
But my baby was far too small for it and the carrier was not adjustable. I had the idea to combine both, wrap and baby carrier, with rings to adjust the wrap around my baby.

As I was only a mum with an idea and out there were a lot of huge companies who sold baby carriers in masses, I applied for patent to protect my idea.


In the meantime by second daughter was born and was carried in the emeibaby from beginning - and we both loved it! Over the last few years emeibaby became popular due to word of mouth and is now sold around the world.

emeibaby products are only sold on our website, in specialized stores and over baby waring consultants and midwifes, as those people have the best knowledge and are as passionated about baby wearing as we are.

I love that I designed a carrier for my daughter a few years back that connects so many parents and their babies in so many countries all over the world.


Thank you for choosing emeibaby
and happy baby wearing :)